Went from 0 to 1k+ users in 7 days

I built Vemo an AI voice to text app for iOS. which crossed 1k+ users in just 7 days. This is what I did to market it.

  1. Made a post on indie hackers and hacker news.

    Indie hacker did brought a good amount of traffic but hacker news didn't work.

  2. Made several posts on reddit while following the subReddit rules.

    Reddit works wonders if you post on it properly. My reddit account has 50K karma so I am allowed to post anywhere like r/entrepreneur has a minimum karma limit. I still have to follow all the rules. Make sure to write your post like a short story, just posting your link won't work. Reply to all the comments whether good or bad since it helps with post reach.

  3. Ran Google ads campaign to get 100 users fast after that I stopped the campaign.

    It's important to boost your app install when you first launch your app since it makes it eaiser to rank on the charts. I hired a freelancer from Fiverr to create ad creatives for my app and ran a install campaign on Google ads using firebase first open event as the converion value.

  4. Launched on product hunt.
  5. I didn't do much for product hunt launch. I just launched it randomly to see where it goes. I got 67 upvotes without any promotion. Thanks to that I got featured in a few newsletters and some AI directories added me which brought me a good amount of traffic.

After that my app gained enough momentum that I was getting around 50+ installs daily from app store and other channels. Now I am around 1800 users and It's momentum has not yet withered. You can check my app here


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